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Pre-Delivery Instructions

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If you have chosen for Scarborough Spas to deliver and install your spa you MUST ensure that you have first discussed access with your dealer. Your spa will be delivered by two staff members and please appreciate it will typically weigh 250kg. Scarborough Spas have installed thousands of spas and we have several methods of transporting the spas whilst at your location such as speciality vehicles with rear and side-mounted cranes, bespoke made spa trollies, bespoke spa dollies etc. Please see the diagram below which will act as a guide of what to look out for.

In the event of a crane being required then it is the SOLE responsibility of the client to make these arrangements although we are on hand to offer advice and pricing guides on this.

Electrical Supply

Always discuss your electric requirements with your local dealer and these MUST be in place PRIOR and NOT AT THE SAME TIME as the arrival of the spa. Typically you will require to have a dedicated electrical circuit supply installed. This will be a sole dedicated final circuit. We recommend that you use 6mm Flexi-armoured cable and dependant on the model you will need a 20.32 or 40 amp RCD breaker.

This needs to be fed to a suitable IP RATED isolator located within 2meters of your spa. From this isolator you MUST also then have another 6mm Flexi-armour cable left coiled up that will be connected to the spa, please ensure enough cable is left CONNECTED to the isolator and coiled up. This cable can enter the spa through the skirt of the spa so it is not visible and that can be on any side of the spa.

In EVERY case Scarborough Spas will ONLY install a spa to electrics that have been installed by a qualified electrician. Failure to have works installed and certified by a qualified electrician will render any warranty as void.

Spa Base

Your area that the spa will be sited on MUST be solid, level and flat. You are able to have either flagstones, concrete pad four inches deep or decking. Again this MUST be in place PRIOR to us attending site. Your spa MUST NEVER be sited on an area that may be liable to subsidence. Your spa can also NOT be sited on grass, it must be of suitable load-bearing solidity that can withstand the weight of typically three metric tonnes.

The Spa Site

We strongly recommend that clients give good thought to the area where the spa is to be sited and also to take into account seasonal changes, for instance, you may want your spa sited under a tree but need to appreciate summer growth and the fact debris may fall into the spa.

Also, we recommend you consider if you are having the spa in the open or will it be enclosed, can neighbours view, is a screen required etc.